VEGANISM: Nature’s design

Published  April 20, 2015
Written by Gary High-Fruit

Society has this impression that the circle of life means life killing life with a focus on animals eating each other, and think that’s a main food of earth. But most food eaten on Earth is plants. That just doesn’t get as many TV ratings.

Animals eating each other isn’t a circle at all. Just a line. The circle shows that each part of the circle needs the other parts. Humans already ARE animals; we don’t NEED them.

Plants and Animals don’t need their own kind. Plants don’t eat plants to be plants.
They get their materials from:
carbon dioxide

And cows, chickens orangutans, bees, fruit-bats, and humans don’t need OTHER animals to make substances that WE are also capable of making.

“But many animals eat meat.”

Science shows humans are NOT meat eaters, from head to toe. humans are part of the Great Ape family.

“But isn’t meat important?”

The notion that we need animal products is flawed and partly based on emotions.  And if you take the whole of science into account, it’s illogical.  Think about when life on this planet first started.  Just dirt, rocks, ocean and air.  Then the first plants appeared.
A life form can’t rationally be expected to live and sustain itself from it’s own kind.  It would HAVE to get it’s material from something else; something that was there before.   Plants.


Gary High-Fruit

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