The CarboRaider Diet: Best diet in the World

Dec. 20, 2017

This diet just happens to cause weight-loss. But it’s also the healthiest way to eat. I think there’s a connection.

You won’t have cravings.
You won’t need willpower.

This diet is

  • Filling physically
  • Filling nutritionally
  • A no-hunger, no tiredness diet

The CR diet - chart of foods

And it WORKS … and works permanently. Low-carb diets have not performed so well. They’ve been around since the 70’s and the latest one – the Paleo diet – was the most popular diet the last few years. People struggle on them, only losing weight from under-eating, and then they fall off the wagon.

This diet gives your body a reason to NOT store fat. And it is proof that calories aren’t the CAUSE of fat storage.
You’ll be resetting your storage setting. Therefore, you can eat all you want of this diet.
And your body will actually get rid of the fat, once it realizes it doesn’t need it anymore. This is often a slower process, but permanent.

Most diets produce superficial weigh loss. The CarboRaider diet is built on the fact that people store fat when the body isn’t getting enough of what it needs, and is getting too much of what it doesn’t want.


See the video:

You can probably see why this diet is so sustainable. I’ve been eating along these lines for 22 years. The diet closely mimics the natural human diet – a frugivorous diet (high-carb).  Humans are primates, and that’s the general diet of primates. This is probably a big reason the diet works on many levels.

And if you become a CarboRaider, you will also be tapping into the Power of nature. Since the food is so easy on the body, it frees up energy & resources for healing. It gives an abundance of the nutrition needed to repair. When your body doesn’t have the burden of heavy/cooked food, it’s free to work on lower priorities, like healing old damage.

There are all kinds of athletes that eat similar to this diet.  And they perform at high levels. You’ll even sleep better, because the body got the nutrition it needed for the day.

So join the CarboRaider Club, and catch my daily videos on the diet.

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Gary, the Vegan CarboRaider

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