SAVE YOUR ASS, and other organs from the Health-Care crisis

Save your ass - health care

A vegan’s take on the news of today’s health-care battle in Washington

By Gary H.F. Carboraider
May 4, 2017

If you have not been put through the agony of the health-care system before, it is bad – not just Doctor’s and hospitals, but from laws to insurance to the fact the system will not make you healthy. But there’s also the effect this battle between Obama-care and Trump-care is doing to the USA.

Aside from what the news focuses on, there’s the long wait for treatment.  And our society doesn’t want to say out loud – the fact that the long wait is because there’s too many sick, unhealthy people  And there is not enough money to employ medical staff.  The nation is broke.

“But Obama-care is a disaster, and republicans will save us.”

Fistly … Obama-Care was the FIX to the disaster (see the documentary “Sicko”).

Obama’s landmark health reform law was a major step out of that previous system, which was labeled a national shame).
The new Obama-care wasn’t perfect, since it was just one step out, and democrats weren’t given the freedom to make it how they wanted (it needed enough votes from Republicans, so they had to compromise).

In 2016, Republicans seemed to want a return to the dark era, with no replacment of Obama-care, just repealing it. This shows that
Republicans don’t care about the people.  But the people cared about NOT returning to a worse system. So Republicans came up with something … some replacement.


Whatever it is, it just passed the House of Representatives.

A lot more people disliked Obama-care than the Affordable Care Act. The funny thing is, they’re both the same thing!
Who thinks this is funny? … the ones who got the public thinking Obama-care is so much worse: the Republican party & FOX news.

Well it’s too late now. Whatever Republicans are going to administer to Americans, you better hope your colon is in good shape.  Politicians aren’t going to fix this mess anytime soon, because one of the big reasons for the crisis is that health is so bad in the US, and the nation is in debt.

The only way to avoid this is to take care of your OWN health. Do not get a disease.  Follow my teachings of a healthy diet, and low stress living.

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