News: Raw-Vegans get sued again

Two members of the Raw-vegan community received their THIRD lawsuit in early March, 2015.  And again it’s by someone they critiqued in a Youtube video.  This time it’s a 23 year-old Diet & fitness teacher known as Kayla.

Being sued is Youtube’s “Freelee” & “Durianrider”  They used said woman as an example of what they  consider an unsustainable diet.  She also has videos on Youtube, and sells expensive exercise programs.   She’s a millionaire who now has some of the best payed lawyers working to protect her image.

This is about freedom of speech &  Censorship.  You should be allowed to say what you want on your own channels without being sued for it.

We can’t have people doing a great public service being intimidated & silenced for speaking the truth. We have to protect people’s right to express themselves, especially when they are helping other people.

UPDATE (March 31, 2015)

The case was settled out of court. In a surprising move, defendants, “Freelee” & “Durianrider”(aka, Harley Johnstone) agreed to back down, delete the financially-offensive videos, and never speak of the person they critiqued (who has a shirt that says: “Death by Kayla”.

Justice also appeared to die a little because it seems like virtually censorship. And it seems the outspoken duo was intimidated into not defending their anti-diet-restriction stance.

See my video for more:

Raw-till-4 movement was Bitch-slapped

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