“Carbs and Cancer: The Media Hoax” starring Dr. Oz

Carbs and Cancer?

Who are they fooling?

By  Gary H.F.

(March 13, 2016)  4 days ago, NBC-news asked: “Do carbs cause cancer?”  Now … many people know this is stupid, and some people know it’s a hoax. Those few people know the rest of the people will be manipulated by this.

Sure, in the actual story, they’ll mention the issue is with REFINED carbs, and they are just using an extreme title to get your attention. But this manipulates people in another way. It plants a seed.  And that seed is planted on ground already fertilized with the cow-manure that is the “Low-Carb-Scam” (the title of a book written by Prof. T. Colon Campbell – Nutritional biochemist, who’s been in the scientific field for 60 years).

If people keep hearing that sugar/carbs are a problem in all sorts of health issues, they’ll stop thinking about fat and meat.  There’s an industry that’s been hurting in the last 30 years.  You could call it the fat industry.  And fat is concentrated in meat.  So what can the meat industry do?

Enter the Atkins diet. Oh, but a diet isn’t enough. What they need is MORE SEEDS.  This isn’t a diet … it’s public manipulation.  So …

Enter the New-Atkins Revolution.

And for the 21-st Century …
Paleo pyrimid  w,o extras
Enter Paleo, WAPF, Wheat-Belly & the Wild-Diet. The Paleo diet claims to be our natural diet, and has you eating nearly the same fatty foods as Atkins.



It was bad enough when Paleo-salesmen claimed carbs make ya fat … but fat doesn’t make you fat.  But Cancer is a new low.  I addressed this Cancer story in a video:

I showed – by analyzing the news-story itself – the answer is NO, Carbs do not cause Cancer.  Though carbs do feed Cancer cells.  Paleo promoters point this out every chance they get, yet leave out the fact that all cells are fueled by carbs.

But that doesn’t matter to the hoaxers.  2 days from now (March 15), The Dr. Oz show will discuss this ‘story’. (And in the same episode, they’ll talk about how to reduce cravings on a LOW-CARB diet.)

Long ago, We started learning that animal-fat and high-fat caused heart disease. So the industry needed a different scapegoat.  The perfect one is what most non-fatty foods are based on: Carbohydrates. But carbs are a natural main ingredient in most of natures foods, and our bodies run best on them, and it’s clear they don’t cause the body to store fat.  So…it seems like a conspiracy to me.

Are researchers lying?  No.   But studies are only for scientists to interpret and combine with other data; they know how to use studies.  They’re not for the public; they don’t know how to use the data.  But the public is getting this data because the scientists gave it to the media.

Are scientists part of the hoax of Carb-scapegoating?

Are they just following the Low-carb, Paleo trend to acquire more funding?

Do you think pretzels and bread are a Cancer risk?

Is NBC news “click-baiting’ you?

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