Is B12 a strike against veganism?

Isn’t  the lack of B12 in plants proof that veganism is unhealthy?   Un-natural?

Well, B12 isn’t so much a dietary issue.  Meat-eaters are known to get the deficiency(1).    How can that be?

* B12 is not a dietary nutrient.  It comes from bacteria in the gut.  The only reason meat has B12 is becuase the animal’s intestines have bacteria that make B12.

Whether or not you get deficient comes down to the body’s ability to make B12 from the bacteria.  This bacteria can be found anywhere: in the water and air… and on food …… unless it’s killed by pesticides and anti-bacterial soap.
The problem lies with eating things that kill off bacteria:  spices, anti-biotics(including Garlic! & onion!) and other medicines, alcohol, vinegar, pesticides, hormones from meat, and other poisons

Many animals don’t eat animal products: Gorillas, elephants,
deer, squirrels – they’re doing better than humans.   Also, the Cows chickens and pigs that people get their B12 from, are herbivores.
The 2 main causes of vitamin B-12 deficiency are inadequate dietary intake and, in the elderly, malabsorption of the vitamin from food.

Everyone’s at risk for B12 deficiency.

What people need to get clear is:  Eating meat(or a B12 supplement) is no guarantee it’ll raise your levels, because the problem is absorption, not lack of meat.

My advice to all:   It takes years for a b-12 deficiency to develop.  The the deficiency causes dangerous problems that are hard to correct.  Don’t wait until then.  Take sublingual (under the tongue) B12. right away.

By Gary High-Fruit



(1)    Meat-eaters get B12 deficiency

“American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”


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