My Articles

My Articles

about diet & health


SAVE  YOUR  ASS … from the Health-Care battle

Do carbs cause cancer

Abuse of Elephants finally ENDING – 15 years after THIS talk show aired (Kim Bassinger & Circuses)

GMO labeling:  U.S. gov just blocked our right, THEN screwed us further

News:  Vegan community being sued again

Low Fat Diets Are Grossly Misrepresented

VEGANISM:  Nature’s design

 Is B12 a strike against veganism?

Fruit myths & facts


I’m a life-long researcher & wise observer with no agenda; an expert in analyzing information.

I’ve studied a vast array of topics, from math to pschology.  I’ve absorbed information from a vast array of sources.
Take advice from a 47 year-old permanently thin healthy person who never goes hungry.   I’ve been interested in Health, human potential & progress since the 80’s.  My goal in life is to offer useful information to help people achieve their potential.

–  Gary High-Fruit

2001 Earth-more +  ME  avitar

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