My Videos about diets & health etc (540 videos on Youtube)

Youtube’s Vegetable Police breaks his Carnivore Diet

My Last idea to help Anorexic Eugenia. She may NOT be in denial, just Afraid

Fruit POWER cleanse. How diet can heal anything, with “Inspire2act”

HELP ME STOP Dr. Berg’s CRAZY diet advice for kids, and babies!?!?

Saving VEGANISM’s image; Youtube chenanigans

He Quit sugar 3 years ago. But NBC’s Chris Hayes is still as fat? Here’s why

 Carb-sanity: Alternative-Bread, Wizard Dr OZ, Katie Couric

RAW til Liposuction. Vegan Fail 2. Who’s to blame?

Unnatural Vegan exposes Raw Foodism. Kristina, Rawvana lying about credentials

Why UV’s videos don’t matter.

The Vegan donation drama JUST got some VEGAN GAINS. Freelee may get in on scam

Don’t feed THIS Drama: UV & Anna want money to sue Vegan Cheetah

Cold showers are unhealthy. Living single & alone. + My Trump protest & haters

“The Doctors” agree with Vegans Freelee & Gary – Eugenia Cooney needs calling out

How a Vegan loner celebrates Christmas

Did Vegan-ish Bill Clinton REALLY turn Paleo?



New show: “My Diet is better than yours” I’m doing weekly reviews of the show


How to succeed getting Fit & healthy in 2016 – The EASY way, and ALL year long


Carrie Fisher gets Fat-shamed


Defeat the Fat War on Christmas – Eat defensively to avoid diet yo-yo


Always STARVING? Oprah magazine wants you to….


GUN rights BS, Vegans vs Vegans


Pope followers: Carb the fuck UP


“Durianrider is the BEST” Vegan Youtuber


Can a Vegan Gain any justice in a meat-head nation?


Why is Liferegenerator out of commission (off Youtube)

Burger Lobbyiest on CNN warns you of the NANNY state


Date Foraging (+ singing) in My Fruitarian Summer (Series)


“Vegan WOMEN on TOILETS”  trend on Youtube


SUGAR makes you FAT? … or does BS make you fat?


Anti VEGAN “Furious Pete” gets Cancer. Durianrider & Gary share their wisdom


My Fruitarian Summer: How my diet saved my life


My Fruitarian Summer: Weight drop, new Fruit SONG


My Fruitarian Summer begins


The END of Circus Elephants – 15 years after THIS talk show aired


Sharing VEGANISM is the BEST use of our lives. START HERE


Who’s the freak in this picture?


Fruit Munchers… Happy Summer Solstice (Fruity montage)


Is LOW CARB a CONSPIRACY? (Mystery guest makes wild claims)


Dr Oz “Food-Porn” Diet.   It WON’T STARVE your ravenous gluttony


 Freelee vs Kayla:  Who won?   Was justice served or was Freelee served


Anti-dieting movement got Bitch-slapped by the court


Was Durianrider intimidated to back down from Kayla?  CASE OVER,,,,NO TRIAL!


FAT-DEFICIENT VEGAN LOSES his SHIT on Youtube. + Bloopers, analysis
(follow-up to the video below – Diet Wars)


DIET WARS: Freelee vs Kayla.  This shit just got REAL


My Fruitarian trip into The Diet Matrix


I’m nearing 500 Subscribers! What should I do at 500?


Is Cassey Ho too fat as a Diet-Fitness guru


Freelee vs Cassey II: The Unicorn Huggers strike back!?


Too much Sugar in the body? New pill removes it.


Paleo cave life getting you down?  Have this juicy apple….meal.


Vegan Debunkers get the final word!  (with Durianrider & Hodge twins)


FlashbackThe video Freelee liked, TANNYRAW loved, & I’m most proud of

“The Doctors” talk crap about vegetarianism


The movie COWSPIRACY reveals biggest threat to Earth. (EPIC review)

MORE IMPORTANT than Taylor Swift.    It’s unknown to the masses, and environmental groups aren’t telling us! (but they acknowledge it in #cowspiracy)


 Freelee definitely OWNED the trolls in 2014

…by not sinking to troll/hater level and sticking with the issues of helping people.  Do not eat while watching

Low Fat Diets:  Are they too low?

(I have a playlist for my funniest videos: )


­For more on the validity of fruit and  low-fat, high-carbs diets, see another video of mine:
Limit Fruit for weight loss??… Go Fruit yourself” –…


I first learned of high-fruit eating in 1994 by reading “Fit-for-Life”.  And I’ve been eating fruit for breakfast ever since.  In 2008, I got into the Raw-food scene (went 85% raw) and, for me, 80/10/10 seems like the way to go.

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