LOW FAT DIETS:    Too low? 

Sept. 25, 2014

What is meant by low-fat, and why are so many against it?  Does it make people  fat?  Skinny?

With the current Healthy-Fat trend, there’s a tendency to overlook an obvious problem:  People are mis-interpreting the words “LOW FAT”.   I  get this:  most of today’s diets (and  the entire medical industry) operate by manipulating the body to get a desired result.  So, maybe people are thinking the low-fat diet tricks the body into being skinny by restricting fat TOO low.

But that’s not the premise of the diet.  The diet works because low-fat is our natural diet – like other primates….

Sir Arthur Keith(anthropologist / anatomist) said:   “Chimpanzees and gorillas have the same digestive mechanisms as Man….in favour of a diet of fruit and vegetables.”      = Low fat.

It is our nature to be thin. It’s not hard, complicated or expensive to be thin. It’s when we complicate things that we run into problems.

Since Low-Fat-Vegan is the way we’re supposed to eat, it’s a win-win – everything gets getter, so there’s no reason to go off the diet, so you don’t gain the weight back. And we live happily ever after.

by Gary High-Fruit






­For more on the validity of fruit and  low-fat, high-carbs diets, see another video of mine:
Limit Fruit for weight loss??… Go Fruit yourself” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk7Qq…


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