Escape the Diet Matrix

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Escape the Diet Matrix

Freedom from dieting & brainwashing

Un-Plug and escape the diet matrix machine and recover your naturally thin self.
Cut through the dis-information that feeds you into the processor   and never be tricked again.
Eating healthy is easy. What’s HARD is living in the Diet Matrix.

Cover - 3, changed 1st line, ajusted title positoningThis is your path out … to the Real World.

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vegan hflf Gary High-Fruit

Gary High-Fruit

Unlike most diet book authors, I am not formally mis-educated.  Instead, I have sought out the basics on my own, where I’m free-of-mind to go beyond the restraints of academia’s policies & politics.  I have purposely avoided formal education (collage), to make a point.

1.  Formal education isn’t always correct information.

2.  For me to take college classes would be taking a step backwards.  I am actually far past those basic things taught on the subjects of diet and health.

I am a wise observer with no agenda; an expert in analyzing and deciphering the bigger truth.


You are about to see our modern world from the outside.  What you’ll see is a Diet Matrix.  Then I will show you the path out.

Once free, you’ll be enjoying foods you couldn’t enjoy before.

Life opens up to you – only when you let go of the addictions holding you back.

The belief that eating healthy is hard, is a perception

You don’t need to pay for health. It pays for itself. It’s as free as oxygen and water.

Only after you’ve gotten out, will you be glad you did.

Find out how wonderful mother-nature wanted you to feel.

Life belongs to those who don’t hesitate: This is your ESCAPE


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