Do Carbs cause Diabetes and kill you?

by Gary H.F.
Sept 29, 2017

It just keeps coming.  Even though science has never vilified a macro-nutrient as the direct cause of diabetes, some less than ethical individuals continue new approaches to get the public to move away from carbs, and toward fat.  Why? you ask?


If you’re turned off by conspiracy talk, well … after reading this article, you won’t be able to come to a better conclusion than – money.  They do call it “The Bottom Line”.

We see empirical data that Low-fat diets don’t lead to diabetes, and studies show Low-fat diet’s seeming to reverse diabetes while consumption of carbs are high.

But don’t low-CARB diets do the same?  How can that be?  Well of course if you remove carbs, blood sugar won’t be high.  And these Low-carb guru’s hope you don’t learn any more than that.  But humans are supposed to have blood sugar, and insulin is there to keep it at a certain level.

They’re ignoring Nature

We’re supposed to eat carbs.  They’re in every natural food on Earth.  Even the Inventor of the Glycemic index recommends veganism.

Obesity, diabetes, etc, is mostly caused by putting carbs WITH fat in a diet, which nature doesn’t do with any food.  Refined carbs are worse. The reason carbs and fat are both maligned AND defended is they’re bad TOGETHER!

People with candida and diabetes who started a high-fruit low-fat diet, CURED it.  The key is low-fat (according to experts like Neal Barnard, M.D. , and Dr Graham)

The reason diabetes happens: Too much fat in the blood blocks insulin receptors from taking glucose out of the blood – leading to prolonged high levels of blood glucose, which prolongs insulin production.  Because glucose can’t leave the bloodstream, the pancreas continues to create redundant insulin.

Nature shouldn’t be maligned just because humans invented refineries.

All diabetics eat a high-fat diet and always did.

Low-carb diets are reported to be less satisfying.  With a high-carb diet, you can actually eat as much as you want. causing your body to revert to normal size (thin) and you get more vitamins and minerals which gives contentness and happiness.

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And experts in the field of Diabetes have to know this information.  Therefore…

They must be corrupt.

Case in point – the website “Diabetes Times” corrupting a 2017 study which was clearly meant for corrupting – to make carbs look bad.

Their article mentions other news outlets:

“…(they) related the carbs to deaths”

“They found dietary fats are not associated with major cardiovascular disease”
–  Well, if you want to talk about association, scientists have been associating fat with heart-disease for 70 years.

They went on… “Eating a higher amount of fat (about 35 per cent of energy) has also been linked to a lower risk of death, when compared with people who eat smaller amounts”
–  Oh, I should mention, this study did not include Americans.  That would have ruined the results they got.  You see, the study was comparing poor low-fat eaters with well-off eaters.

Then this site did the same thing.  They are RELATING 2 things that are NOT RELATED, at least in the way they have you believe.  Diabetes associations have been on the side of low-carb for decades.  They are too integrated, and aren’t going to admit they were wrong.

In short, the early deaths were not from a low-fat diet (of course);  The diets were a result of being poor, which ALSO  resulted in early deaths.

If you wanted to let the author know what you think of them, the author goes by the name “Editor”.

LC diet reduses death

The study was given to the media, which they shouldn’t do, because the media benefits from a sensational headline (ie an unbelievable story).  They seem more interested in meat-industry profits than helping people.


Also see my video on diabetes, and theories the Doctors come up with to get fat off the hook:

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