Carbs and LUNG CANCER ?, next Dr. OZ. Will he shill for the meat industry?

In this video, Carbs and LUNG CANCER?, next Dr. OZ,  I question whether he will manipulate his audience, or is the ad alone doing it.

I have some fun in the process of educated my audience about shilling, ethics, and of course carbs, and rational eating.

Dr. OZ will discuss it March 15. And by coincidence, he’s having Dr. Hyman on (the Dr. who said Clinton turned Paleo. I’m the only person to debunk that). Now I’m criticizing a show BEFORE it airs!!! I’m a DIET PSYCHIC!! How do I know this is unethical?
Watch the video.

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What journalists aren’t telling you is, refined carbs is just one factor in any carb/cancer effect.

Researchers asked nearly 2,000 people in the Houston area who had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer about the foods that they typically ate in the last year, Researchers aren’t sure why there is a connection, but the thinking is that high glycimic foods yada yada yada.

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