Binge eating banished

Binge Eating Banished

A NON-Will-Power mini-Guide to end all cravings and out-of-control eating.

Weight-loss solutions haven’t worked.  Find out why.
Find the truth that’ll set you free. Become MORE fulfilled instead of OVER-filled.
Only after you’re free, will you be glad you got out.

Find out:

The truth about:
Emotional Eating
Binge Eating

End your out-of-control eating with just 21 pages for $2

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Barnes & Nobel – Binge Eating Banished – Binge Eating Banished

You can overcome food disorders easier than you think you can. For one thing, food is not a drug. It can be your friend. And it was meant to be.

Why hasn’t the number of eating disorder cases gone down? I’m tempted to assume that the experts are missing something. I’m tempted because I’m already aware they are missing something with diet and dieting. PhD’s and Doctors haven’t solved the fat crisis.

Cravings don’t come from your personality.

People who binge-eat usually also eat too fast. That’s another sign that it’s a case of deficiency. When you have a deep hunger, there’s an impulse to eat fast. I had this problem myself.

Under-eaters become bingers.  Fuel the body, not the emotions. If you let yourself get too low on calories, the body will win out over your mind, and you’ll binge on the worst foods.

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