Abuse of Circus Elephants finally ENDING.

In 2015, Ringling Bros. Circus will begin phasing out one of its most enduring acts. By 2018, elephants will no longer perform under its big tents. The announcement stunned animal welfare groups, which, for years, fought legal battles over the circus’s treatment of animals.

Last year, The Humane Society lost a 14-year legal battle against Feld Entertainment over unproven(?) allegations that circus trainers mistreated elephants.(see the 15 year old footage in my video below). But Ringling Bros. faces a patchwork of legislation in cities nationwide that imposes restrictions on the use of elephants. He says rather than fight it, Feld Entertainment is responding to the shift in the public’s mood.

Ringling Bros. said its shows “will continue to feature other extraordinary animal performers, including tigers, lions, horses, dogs and camels.”

Tell circuses to stop abusing animals? No, they only listen when money talks.
Tell the meat industry to stop abusing animals? It’s easier just to go vegan.


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